MEC Report March 13 2011

Two bits to report on for y’all – read on!

Firstly the let down:

Went over to do the Waiheke Coastal Classic on the weekend. A beautiful, coastal offroad 18k. Unfortunately it was postponed because of the Tsunami warning (fair enough), so I had to miss out : ( Next year then.

But Thursday’s team event made up for it!

The first running of the Maungakiekie Endurance Club Hill Roulette was held at Mt Eden. And the ol’ mistress looked grand as she bathed in a glorious sunset while we traversed the trails.

This event mixed hill repeats with chance, the imbibing of liquid refreshments and 1970s apparel. A good turnout made it a super session, with plenty of legs to follow up the hills.

Check the pics below.

This week:

Stroke n Stride Final Wednesday Mission Bay 6pm.

Tarawera Ultramarathon Saturday Rotorua 7am – go to the lads doing it – Role of Honor: Dave Robertson, Mathew Raffills, Jacob Parsons and Michael Hale. Let me know if you want to come down and watch cos I have a bach booked with some room to spare!

Next Week

Ellerslie Race course Orienteering Wednesday 530pm


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