Barefoot Invitational Race #3

The barefoot invitational on Saturday saw a small but hardy group of runners take to the slippery slopes of one tree hill. The event suffered from a number of core runners being out of town, and a good few others being scared off by a massive downpour at 0630 (we barefooters laugh in the face of a hailstorm – and the weather turned out fine for us anyway!) So four of us decided to abandon any pair running and do some hill repeats, which were a great success. Special credit goes to Will Thomspon who organised a late start at work so that he could attend, then proceeded to dominate us all on the hills – nice work pal. No series points for this one (but plenty of brownie points) – the final barefoot run for this series will be in two weeks (Sep 11). FYI Charles is organising a couple of runs this week around central Auckland after work. Get in touch with him if you are keen to join in. Catch y’all at the Xterra (Sat Sep 4) or the next barefoot. Mike


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