Blue Lake Tri-Series


1. A few of the guys have been busy racing on the weekend. Mike and NIck LIchtwark took to the Blue lake for the tri series race there (see Mike’s report below) and ended up coming 13th (M) and 19th (N) – nice one guys : )


2. At the same time Bryce Robinson was running his legs off at the ADRA 10k in Mission Bay. He came 2nd with a 41 minute effort, a great result from great preparation. Bryce has only been running for 5 months and has brought his 10k time down by almost 15 minutes. One to watch for sure – Shot bro!


Mike Lichies report:

Beautiful day at the Blue Lake, very still hot day.  Swim went ok – got a bit lost from the pack, and swam by myself for most of it.  Wasn’t too far behind Nick out of the water and made most of the time up with a fast transition.


Riding up Tarawera Rd (nasty hill to start) I had to let Nick know that it was a non-drafting tri.  My bike leg could definitely use some work – it was a tough course and didn’t have a whole lot of sting in the legs.  Was pretty happy with my run though – pushed through the pain, which I’m learning you have to do for tri/stroke runs.  Nick finished 10 mins or so back – feeling the effects of the marathon a bit i think.


All in all a fun day, and then watched Uncle Ray do the Olympic distance.  Now i’m looking forward to taking on Lance Armstrong on the same course in January.


Hopefully a few of the boys are keen for Waiheke this weekend.  In the past Nick, Sam and I have done it all on one bike (swapping at each lap) so that could be an option if anyone is keen but doesn’t have a MTB.


See you on Wednesday night.




Waiheke MTB race – still need another entrant:

Hey Guys, this MTB relay next Saturday on Waiheke looks like a beauty. 4hrs of riding makes teams of 2 about right, I reckon. Me, Mike and Alan are all in so far. Im gonna see if I can get the gazebo over there for our event base. On Saturday night we are gonna have a BBQ at Briar’s place in Surfdale for those who are keen.


Let me know if you are keen to join in, we will try to make some sweet teams for a good battle : ) Its just $30 per person if you register online (, I will try to arrange pickup from the Ferry for yas.


Check out our website:

Charles has pulled this together for us – – thanks bro. Its already got photos and reports on and we plan on stacking it out with calendars and more resources for y’all. Enjoy!


Stroke n Stride tomorrow at St Heliers –

with all us racers wearing Santa costumes!! Getting my red speedos ready right now…


Catch ya





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