MEC News: Taupo wedding/stag/70.3 report and long run Bethels this Sunday

Gidday team

Well last weekend’s activities revolved around Taupo. Down Pukawa way we had Myles tie the knot with the lovely Natalie – superb result bro! Meantime Todd donned a feminine costume for the swim of the Taupo Half Ironman. Plenty of heads were turned at his crumping to “baby got back” – never one to make a scene that boy. This Saturday sees him finish the race with Jacinda Harper – very exciting and all the best bud!


Meantime Richard and Angela Nauck compete in the Taupo Half Ironman, Rich gives his report below:

Well, after probably the most consistent training programme I’ve ever managed to complete, and a series of PBs over the past month, race day dawned with a real sense of expectation in the air.  The 4:00am wake-up didn’t hurt too bad, and I was into my favorite pre-race meal of toasted bagels and jam and OJ.  I was immediately a bit distracted though, as my racing partner and wife, Angela, woke up with severe intestinal cramps.  The whole race was about getting her across her first 1/2 Ironman finish line (first real triathlon in fact), so I was naturally concerned.  She managed half a bagel down the gullet and a few toilet stops later, we were off to the race.


Whereas, Friday had been a spectacular 25 degrees with only a wiff of a breeze, race day dawned overcast only foreshadowing what was to come.


With all the pre-race checks out of the way, we made our way to the typically icy waters of Lake Taupo to find a beautiful temperature, reminiscent of our recent Stroke and Stride races.  The water was relatively calm with only a slight chop beginning to form.


The deep water start was fantastic, without the typical high octane run into the water, so it was easy to get into a rhythm early both in stroke and breathing.  While I felt I was fighting for space for much of the first kilometre (over 1200 swimmers will do that to ya), I still felt I was swimming well.  I tried to kick it up a notch on the return leg of the swim, but still managed to struggle to find clean swimming space.  In the last 500 metres I finally got onto some good feet and stroked it home.  39 minutes out of the water was not what I was after however.


The 450 metre jog to transition is always interesting, but a good time to get the head into the next stage of the race and some blood into the legs.


The ride to Reparoa was fantastic with no wind to speak of, heart rate stayed at 140 which was perfect and I arrived in 1:24. The return is where it began to get interesting.  I had felt the odd gust of wind on the way out to Reparoa, but if anything thought it was a headwind which meant I might get a nice little push home.  After passing the 60km mark in 1.54, I was hoping for a solid sub three ride.  The hills into Taupo and what became a 25 knot wind put paid to that idea.  As Terenzo mentioned in his winner’s speech “was it just me or did it get really windy out there today”.  I managed to roll home in 3:10:50.  Legs taxed but very much still in tact.


Banged out a 50:00 first 10km and was feeling great until, my left knee (physio calls it IT Knee) went kaputt.  Tracking of the patella went ape shit and I managed a very slow jog for the last 6 km, more surviving than anything.


So a very disappointing 6:03:45, but hey, I’ve knocked off another 1/2 ironman and I’m more experienced and smarter for the next one


But there is a very cool upside.  Angela knocked out a fantastic, almost cruising 6:59:48 and had the time of her life doing it.  A little pic, shows you how much fun she had and how quickly I forgot about my race.

Rich is a bit hard on himself – he set a 13 minute PB despite being 6 years older and on a rugged day. Good stuff team Nauck! – Ed.




Lastly,there is a final long run to send off 2010. (If you’re after a long ride talk to Ron, he’s going dawn-dusk on Wednesday 22nd)



Bethels-Horseman Road out and back 28km Sunday 19th December

(an offroad hillfest, 1648m of climb)

Course map:


Meet at the Bethels lake carpark at 820 am, or at my place by 730 if you want to carpool.

You will need to self-supply food and drink for 4 hours of running (I recommend 2L fluid minimum)

The pace will be steady, with some walking on steep hills (the run as a whole is NOT easy – hardest/most scenic run I know)

Super mix of coastal single track, technical bush and river running.

If you want a shorter run you can turn back earlier.

We will aim to be done around 1pm.

Let me know if you are coming



Ok, Peace and Merry Christmas to y’all





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