MEC update March 2011: Reports and training event this Thursday!

1. Stroke n Stride 750/5k Wed 2nd March Report

Another great night at the Stroke n Stride. The rain and wind dropped away leaving a dark sky of cloud with choppy swim conditions and a slight northwest breeze for this week’s event over the 750m swim / 5k run distance. And the longer swim proved decisive, with Blue swimming away from the rest of us (as usual), and having too much lead for the fast legs of Mike Lichtwark to catch him. So Chris goes into the final round ahead by just 39 sec – but Mike will have to have a blinder of a race to catch him over the 1k/4k.

3 236 mike LICHTWARK m25-29 0:32:13

4 184 michael HALE m30-34 0:32:23

6 83 chris BLAKE m20-24 0:31:17

8 74 charles BELCHER m20-24 0:35:22


My race report can be viewed at the end of this email (I think Im gonna start a blog, seriously)



2. Here is a little MEC event that I have been dreaming up since last year…

Hill Roulette with the Mistress

When: 530pm Thursday March 10

Where: Mt Eden (meet at the car park at the summit)

Attire: 1970/80s running gears (think short shorts, long socks, cotton singlets, headbands etc) – modern shoes or monkey feet welcome too

Finish around 7pm

Cost – $5 – It will be worth your while : )


I cant give too much more away, it will be unconventional and a little wild but be assured that all are welcome and will have a solid hill workout . As a bonus I will bring cold beverages to reward your hard work!

So, organise a leave pass with the wife (I have), organise to leave work a touch early and give me a txt/email to confirm you are coming (for catering purposes : )

Check out these boys for some inspiration:

Mike Hale’s Stroke n Stride report:

The rain and wind dropped away leaving a dark cloudy sky with choppy swim conditions and a slight northwest breeze for this week’s event over the 750m swim / 5k run distance. I had my mind thinking forward to the Coastal Challenge 33km offroad run this Saturday, but was excited to be at the start line for my first swim run of 2011. Earlier attempts to race had been thwarted by a calf strain and a corneal abrasion generously bestowed upon me by my 9 month old (how could I hold it against such a cute little cherub).

The training leading up to this event had been focused on the coastal, and the Tarawera ultra -so building my aerobic base with long runs predominated. A 30 minute swim run is a little different, but is so much fun, and for this reason alone remains a constant feature in my racing calendar. My plan was to get in a good rhythm in the swim on the way out, and unleash whatever remained on the homeward leg. The swim out went well, as I found a good position on the inside line and was able to hold onto several feet (not literally). The expected carnage at the cans didn’t disappoint as a dude or two tried to swim across my torso. I lowered my intensity to counter the surges I was making to stay out of trouble and made my way around the second can.

The swim home was  a bit messy, most of the pack drifted right, which was more a feature of the chop disorientating than of any water movement. I suffered a bit with this, but was more on track then most. I was happy hitting the beach in 12:12 – a bit above average for me this season.

Transition was OK – as I mulled my shoes on I saw Mike Lich entering. Uh oh – not enough time ahead of him. I figured I needed more like 1:30, not the :30 sec. I stuck to my plan of building into the run, and happily found a solid rhythm, catching people steadily on the way out to St Heliers. Just after the Kohimarama toilets, Mike pulled alongside. I had a bit extra to give, thanks to the steady buildup, so I hung on (not literally) as he went by. I managed to stay with him for 400m, and it felt fast but not unachievable. However, I was going a bit beyond my current capabilities and I allowed myself a slight slowdown, while attempting to keep touch with Mike. We were speeding by all and sundry and it felt good.

I saw Chris Blake coming back from the turnaround at the St Heliers toilets and realised that he wasn’t going to be caught today. Hit the turnaround about 40m down on Mike in 9:31. The run home was much the same – pushing hard to maintain contact. Mike pulled out to 80 m at one stage but in the final km I was determined and started reeling him in. I ended 2 positions back, in 34th place, with only 10 seconds between us. Another 9:31 split for the home journey (it felt a bit faster actually) made for 19:02 – not quick historically, but my quickest this series.

So a very satisfactory race, above average times, on aerobic training only. Feeling good today and looking forward to a good hit out at the Coastal on Saturday.




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