Stroke and Stride #1 10/11

A great day for a race, golden sun burning out over the city skyline, the fresh breeze whipping across the bay under the watchful gaze of Rangitoto, four orcas playing on the swim course… !!!! Amazing for sure, but not the most welcome of sights to witness just before we took to the water, all dressed in black rubber like a pack of ungainly seals.

The starters horn went off shortly after, leaving little time for reflection on the wisdom of swimming out toward one of the apex predators of the deep. The smacking of arms and the collisioin of bodies and buoys helped block out those fearful thoughts as we made our way around the short course.

Chris Blake was first out, amongst the leaders. Michael Hale then emerged, leaving transition just before Mike Lichtwark. Charles Belcher had turned up, a mere days after racing the Auckland marathon. Richard Nauck too, appeared to have used the half marathon as a build-up race for this swim-run.

On the run course and Mike Lichtwark quickly stepped up, his fast pace catching Hale all to quickly and he speed on to get Chris Blake at the turn-around in St Heliers. Hale picked up the run in the second half, managing to get Blake with one km to go. Both Belcher and Nauck had solid perfomances following their race on Sunday. A great season bodes.

We will rark out the MEC championship again (10 points for the winner, 9 for second…, best 6 results to count, last race double points). A few familiar faces are missing this year with Nick Licht and Sam Taylor both on overseas sojourn and Todd, Dan Faris and Myles on spousal preparation leave (who will win all the spotties in your absence Sam??)

Next swim run is Wednesday 17th at Mission Bay, next team event the Orienteering at Waiatarua (9 Grande Drive, Remuera) on Thursday 11th November see you there!


Name  Surname       Div               Total             Swim  Trans  Run

6 236 mike    LICHTWARK    m25-29         0:28:19

9 184 michael HALE            m30-34         0:28:57         8:20    1:01    19:29

x xxx chris     BLAKE           m20-24         0:29:

6 74 charles   BELCHER       m20-24         0:32:25         8:49    1:17    22:14

28 281 richard NAUCK         m35-39         0:34:44


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