Stroke and Stride #1 2009

What a night! The biggest turnout of brothers ever for the hit out at the first Stroke n Stride. Such joy to be racing with you quality fellas. Mikey Lichwartk showed his class in flying the field on the run, just days after a 1:21 half marathon. Dan gave this race a good hit, without any prior ocean swimming experience – nice work pal (that’s how to do it eh).

Results Below:
Mike L   28:21
Sam Ty 28:57
Dave R  30:01
Mike H  30:45
Chuck B 31:17
Todd C  33:03
Dan F     34:58
Ben S    39:07

A close season of racing ahead is for certain. Look for Todd and Ben to be much sharper when they havn’t just run a marathon three days before. Next race Wednesday 18th Nov, Mission Bay 750m swim, 4k run.

Myles Robinson

It was a solid day at the office, but enjoyable for sure.  After completing the the first half in 1:34:03 I ran towards St Heliers.  The burn began to set in.   My legs felt like slabs of concrete as I inched metre by metre towards the 30km mark.  At the turn around at St Heliers to come back into town I came in contact with the 3.30 pace runner.  My heart sank.  Placing one foot in front of the other for the next 10kms was my plan!  It was awesome to have support from friends along the way.  “Dig it in”  were among some of  comments offered.  Staying in there I finished the race in 3:45:43.


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