Stroke and Stride #2 2009

Another cracker down at Mission Bay!

Squally thunder clouds moved quickly along, leaving the Waitemata nice n calm for the 750m swim leg. Todd and Blue picked the tides well to get a clear run to the first buoy. Meantime, Mike H, Nick and Dave fought the masses but hung together, ultimately arriving on the beach in around 11 minutes 30 with Ben. Todd was already gone from the transition, but Blue and Sam Tyler were both there as the trio ran in. Todd ran away with it this week, not suffering this time from the effects of the marathon. He was the first brother home in 26:59. Nick was next with a super quick run bringing him ahead of Sam Tyler who came in third. Hale, not quite able to bring the fast runs of last year came closely after, with Blue next after stopping a few times with troublesome laces. Mike Lichtwark was also not up to drilling the run home for first this time, but his fast feet brought him up the field to finish next. Big Ben Schubert was also running better without the marathon looming so close, and it was another good day for Faris, who had a better swim and looks to be settling in nicely in this his first season. Dave Robbo had to walk with an injured tibia giving him some grief. Great work fellas!

Already this season is a beauty. So so good to have a solid contingent of lads at these races, and some terrific comradery and friendly rivalry is emerging.
Im gonna get a little points system going amongst us… watch this space (and send your suggestions)

Also: for extra information in the reports, try wearing a watch and recording the swim split. That way, we can display swim time, run time and total time (see below for examples).

Next race is Wednesday 2nd of December at ST HELIERS BAY.
1000m swim 3k run, 6pm

As is befitting of the final race of the year and in true festive spirit, we will all race in a special uniform of speedos and santa hats. Any speedo will do, and if you feel like embellishing your body with tinsel and ribbons and bobbles as well, you go right ahead. I will try and have a special cameraman on hand to document the occasion.

Catch y’all soon


TOTAL SWIM RUN (and transition)

Todd Calkin       26:59
Nick Lichtwark   27:43
11:30 16:13
Sam Tyler         28:3?
Mike Hale          28:38 11:36 17:02
Chris Blake       28:53
Mike Lichtwark  29:08
Ben Schubert    31:13 11:38 19:35
Dan Faris          33:13
Dave Robbo       33:46 11:40 22:06

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