Stroke and Stride #2 2010/11

Race Report

The second round of the stroke n stride series was held on a golden Auckland night. So so good to have so many good people turn up – a massive MEC crew! Was great to meet some competitors for the first time too.

The swim was calm and there was little wind to speak of, making for fast conditions. The guys went first. Chris Blake emerged from the 750m swim right up amongst the front group. A couple of minutes back the rest of our bunch came ashore,  James Wells first, then Mike Hale followed closely by Will Thompson, Nick Lichtwark and Mike Lichtwark not far behind them.

Out on the run, Blake was in another gear than the first race and he was uncatchable, taking out the MEC men. The Lichtwark brothers flew past Hale, with the fresh legs of Mikey kicking him clear of Nick (who did a 3:06 marathon on the weekend!). Will Thompson ran strong to pull in between Mike and Nick for third place.

Another strong race too from Charles Belcher – who seems to be going for the consistent time award (and big ups Charles on your race win over the weekend The big improver for this race was Richard Nauck who left his ‘6 minute km training partner’ behind and knocked off over 2 minutes from race one. Great to see his wife Angela out for her first S&S, and Alan and Sam made it a family race for the 4 Lichtwarks – Sam narrowly holding out his Dad in a sprint finish.

The 2010-11 Maungakiekie Endurance Club Swimrun Championship

After a great tussle in our points comp last year we have expanded the system. Its pretty cool – it means that whatever your age or sex you can compete on even terms. We like to think of it as the points system for age-group athletes.

Basically, the system calculates the time you would have got if you were a male under 35 (so everyone is on an equal playing field). The conversion factors are taken from: Ransdell LB, Verner J, Huberty J. Masters athletes: An analysis of running swimming and cycling performance by age and gender. 2009 J Exerc Sci Fit 7(2 suppl)S61-S73. Have a look at the attached spreadsheet (sheet 2 has the standings)

The adjusted time is then summed for each race, with the lowest total time winning. At the end of the series you can drop your slowest two events. Note that if you do not attend, you get allocated 50 minutes (adjusted by the usual factor)

With only two races its a bit early to tell much but already some interesting points are emerging:

– There is just 30 seconds between first (Mike Lichtwark) and second (Chris Blake).

– There is a spousal contest between James and Julia Wells who are separated by about 90 seconds.

So get amongst, and if you know of anyone else who wants to be a part of the competition, email me and I will add them in. Happy to deal with questions and feedback as well.

See you all at the next Stroke n Stride. Its the Christmas special – team uniform is red togs, tinsel and santa hats (tinsel and santa hats best worn in the run only) See the online photo gallery from race 3 last year for proof…

Man on Fire Runs Across the North Island in Jan 2011

For those who are keen for a bit of ultra distance running, have a think about running a leg or two with Dave Walker. See Charles’ report below:

My Uncle (Dave Walker )is going from cape to cape, New Plymouth to East Cape in January and needs people to support as either pacers or drivers.

If you are free and willing please let me know the details are below:

He needs help across all of them at the moment apart from the final leg so if you can please let me know,

Cape rd, New Plymouth – Straford  (60kms) – 05/01

Straford – Whangamomona  (63kms) 06/01

Whangamomona – Taumaranui (88kms) 07/01

Taumaranui – Turangi (65kms) 08/01

Turangi – Taupo (50kms) 09/01

Taupo – Rotorua (80kms) 10/01

Rotorua – Kawerau (54kms) 11/01

Kawerau – Opotiki (78kms) 12/01

Opotiki – Te Kaha (66kms) 13/01

Te Kaha – Hicks bay (77kms) 14/01

Hicks Bay – East cape (35 kms) 15/01

He needs a pacer as well as someone body who can help do some of the driving, help provide meals etc – so its just about anything and everything.  If you can it would be greatly appreciated if not  that’s cool as well.

Dave is running as MANONFIRE to raise funds for the National Burns Centre to buy a Microscope they need for surgery, he is very passionate about this as he is burns survivor as well

I will probably do the first few with him – Chuck

OK that’s it from me, Im gonna be at the Pt England Orienteering on Tuesday night at 520, might see some of you there. By the way Tyler – I got my second spot prize on Wednesday. Boom.



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