Stroke and Stride #3 2009 – When Santa wore Speedos

A great night for the battling Santas. Calm seas, drizzle and budgie smuggling Saint Nics everywhere.

Todd     Calkin   27:25    1
Sam     Tyler     28:47    2
Michael Hale     28:51    3
Josh     Branch  29:31    5
Sam  Thom        29:37    6
Dave Robbo       31:39    4
Charles Belcher 32:10    7

Points System: 10 for a win, 9 for second… 1 point for 9th and all others. 0 for not turning up. Can drop your lowest 2 races in the series, final race counts for double points.
Leader board after three races

Tyler 26
Calkin 25
Hale 22
Robertson 15
Mlichtwark 15
Belcher 10
Nlichtwark 9
Branch 7
Schubert 7
Faris 7
Thom 6
Blake 6

Also: MTB Action

A brutal final round of the Auckland MTB series today. Hale, Calkin and Robertson took part in the 4 lap event held on the only hills in Woodhill forest. Calkin shot off from the start, getting right up front in the thick of the action. Hale and Robertson were also battling together in the top 10 of the sport category. Come lap 2 and and Calkin was in 2nd and Hale and Robertson rolled through in 6th and 7th. Hale faded and Robertson shot on. Everyone started to feel the length in this race, as there was no easy sections to the course, it was all technical singletrack. Calkin finished lap 2 in second, then crashed and a couple of masters riders past him. Our valiant three all slowed up over the last two laps but finished strong in 1st (C), 3rd (R) and 4th (H) in the open mens category. This gave Robbo a thrid and Hale 2nd place overall in the series.

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