Stroke and Stride #3 2010/11

1000m swim and 3k run

Light northeasters stirring up a good bit of chop on the outgoing tide

Santa hats and speedos in action…

Chris Blake once again showed us all how to swim – popping out in 6th place overall! Solid swims too from James Wells and Nick Lichtwark. Nick was spurred on by either the thought of his last race in NZ for 6 months or his slightly saggy performance on the weekend – took off and hammered the run. Fast enough to not be caught by his bro (or anyone of us), but not fast enough to catch Chris – who finished well clear of us all in 27:24.

Will Thompson popped out of the swim just before Mike Hale and they took off up the road. Hale had his first fast run of the season and they both caught Snowy. Hale catching young Will up with 500 to go. Meantime the speedy legs of Mike Lichtwark were not able to make his usual impression with only a 3k run. He motored along to finish just over the 30min mark. Rich Nauck continues his great season – already posting three times faster than those of five years ago – who says you get slow as you get old 😛 He beat young Chuck out of the swim, but Charles had a speedy transition and ran away.

Check the attached spreadsheet for the championship standings. Chris Blake has pulled away – now leading with over 2 minutes from Mike Licht and 3 from Mike Hale. Still very early days and some competitors have missed a race which skews things a bit. Plenty of time to make some serious gains. The system works on total adjusted time (from your best 6 races of the season – including the final). A great season beckons.

15 383 julia WELLS f25-29 0:36:01

2 83 chris BLAKE m20-24 0:27:24

4 650 nick LICHTWARK m20-24 0:28:55

6 74 charles BELCHER m20-24 0:33:18 (19:12′ 1:08′ 12:48)

4 722 william THOMPSON m25-29 0:29:36

8 236 mike LICHTWARK m25-29 0:30:03

10 382 james WELLS m25-29 0:30:43

9 184 michael HALE m30-34 0:29:27          (17:26′ 1:05′ 10:56)

25 281 richard NAUCK m35-39 0:34:16 (19:01′ 1:21′ 14:30)

Check out the shot of the day! –

And then these fine festive fellows:



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