Xterra – Woodhill

Offroad Run # 4 July 25 2010 Woodhill

5 guys: Mike Hale, Ron King, Todd Calkin, Sam Thom and the mighty Vet Alan Lichtwark.
1 course: 23k of undulating (utilizing the motocross whoops) hard packed sand with occasional forestry road sections.
Plenty of runners getting lost = who knows what position anyone came?

Result: Another cracker day. Ron showed his class by heading off with the front runners, then showed his hypoxia by missing a turnoff and finding himself a shortcut. This was better going then the front three runners (Adams/Kuegler/De Bock) who found themselves an extra 4km when they missed an early turn.
So in unofficial results, King is in second place. But being the true champion he is, he reported his folly to the organizers who are now set to penalize this error. Hale had another solid run, with a moderate start then working his way through the field to place 10th. Meanwhile the everstrong Alan came a close second in the vet category. Calkin and Thom took the opportunity to enjoy the course and run together, using this race very much as training while they buildup some fitness for further racing. Did I mention that Toddy C joins an ever-growing list of Maungakiekie runners who shave achieved great success in the game of love!?? Congrats on securing the hand of the fair Jacinda Harper bro – so stoked for you!

See you at the next Barefoot Invitational – Saturday 7 August 0730, Corner of Campbell Road and Onehunga Mall (Inside the entrance to Cornwall Park) A beaut 5k offroad run with a difference!



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