Run Auckland 10km Musick Point

Sunday was the Run Auckland 10km race at Musick Point Bucklands Beach. After getting in some

consistent training (260+kms last month), thanks to the MEC boys, (especially Mike, Miles, Todd and Rich), I felt as though I my running the strongest it had been since my return to the sport, and thought it would be a good chance to attempt a PB. Previously my 10km PB was 43:28 at the Sir Barry Curtis 10km poetically starting at the same point as Sunday’s Race.

After a great session with Milo hitting out 4x2km at 3:50km pace I felt a sub 40minute time was a realistic goal.

Race day weather was near perfect, the forecast rain was nowhere to be seen, the sun was shining and there was almost no wind when we arrived. The warm up with Richard Drake and Luke Strom went well, but as we were running back to the start the wind was starting to build, we were going to have to tackle the hill straight into a decent wind as well as a 1.5km stretch along the Buckland’s Beach Waterfront.

After a delayed start, we were off down, the hill on the first of two laps. Breaking the golden rule of racing I went off a little too hard at the start, with the wind behind me and the downhill slope banging out the 1st km in 3:32. Realising my heart was a little high I slowed down to the goal pace of 3:50, well actually 3:47, for the second km and seemed to find a good rhythm behind a guy wearing 5 finger shoes, who also doubled as a good wind break along the waterfront. Hitting the hill the first time round I knew it was going to be a tough race, my heart rate was over 190 my legs and lungs were hurting and I got dropped by five-fingers. However I hit the second lap pretty much exactly where I wanted to be at 19:44. The second lap started well, probably the downhill and wind aid but by the time I was on the waterfront I was hurting, my pace was slowing and I was having to run through, around, and over all of the 5 and 10km walkers who were still on their first lap, breaking my rhythm. I also sacrificed some time staying behind a runner who’s pace was dropping more than mine as I tried to use him to break the wind again. After dropping him just before the hill and after some great encouragement from Nicola Drake who was also racing, I tried to pick the pace up to the finish. However, today was not to be my day. I was paying for my fast start and crossed the line in 40:33.

All in all it wasn’t too bad, I still ran a PB shattering my old one by 3 minutes, but was left a little bitter by not cracking the 40minute barrier. I learnt a lot from the race and am incredibly determined to keep the training up and crack the 40 minute barrier!

Thanks to all the MEC team for the support and encouragement leading up and to my parents who came out and watched! My Mum, showing what an incredible Mum she is, got up early, prepared Mother’s Day lunch, then headed to my race, cheered me on to a PB and then hosted my family and Grandparents for a great lunch. What a legend!

Also I must make mention of two other great performances on the day. Hopefully Rich and Nicola will do a race report of their own but until then…

The performance of the Day has to go to Nicola Drake! Barely 6 months after having a baby, Nicola tackled the 10km course in spectacular fashion. Having smashed 5km at the last Run Auckland in just over 27 minutes, Nicola decided that it was time to attempt the 10km. Goal A was to finish, Goal B breaking 60 minutes. She did both! Finishing in under 57 minutes (official time tbc) she smashed both her goals and even had enough energy to encourage me enthusiastically at the start of her second lap. Watch this space I’m sure there are many more great runs to come!

As for her husband, Rich had a great day at the office. After one of those unexplained days at the last event where he struggled to a sub-par performance, Rich came out and put those demons behind him in emphatic fashion! With a time of 45:45 and near perfect 5km splits of 22:51 and 22:54 he had a stellar race and I am sure it is only a matter of time before he cracks the 45 minute mark!


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