Hunua (damn!)

In my seven short days I recovered pretty well from the North Shore Marathon. I was unable to run for most of the week with a sore right calf but other than general leg tightness this was all that held me back. I turned up for the final race in the xterra series knowing my overall place (7th in series) was safe, and that I could only move up if disaster struck Ed Hyde or Ron. I was trying not to wish that upon them, and just turn up and enjoy the race.
I took it easy from the gun, as per plan. I was comfortably running in about 18th place after the first km brought us into the bush. However within 10 minutes, my right knee began to hurt (an ITB issue Im told). The sharp pains associated with footstrike would only occasionally miss a beat and by 20 minutes, I made the difficult decision to retire from the race.
I was able to walk around the course and saw Mike Lichtwark and Ron King running neck and neck in 5/6th place up the first big hill. They were just 4 minutes down on the leader at the 11.5k point. I then took myself back to the start and made up for the lack of running by aggressively consuming the free post-race food and drink.
The MEC crew all looked to have big smiles at the end of their races, and it was another good day out with such fine people. I plan to get rid of the niggle, then back into some good long runs to prepare for a late spring marathon (or two?).

I will end here and await the tales from the true finishers of the day.


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