Westcoaster 2011 – Report on Plan B progress

I mentioned in my last post how I have been forced to leave the planned route to the Westcoast marathon, and instead take the risky and undesirable Plan B approach. As we now have less than two weeks to go, I thought I would update on my progress on this path.
I am happy to say I have been having a real crack at this plan B. I have not had to miss a session with injury, and have been getting 2 hard workouts a week. My training has focussed on building endurance through increasing my long run distance;  and building strength through core work and hills.
Sounds good, but the data aint pretty:
I have completed 5 weeks of run training, my mileage has increased: 21k, 25k, 38k, 58k, 65k (nice slow sensible incremental buildup : p). I have been consistently getting about 7 hours a week of exercise – as my running has increased, the cycling has dropped away, but the core work has remained stable.
So, how do I feel? Im feeling good and loving running. My hard workouts have revealed I now work much harder to maintain a high speed (ie to cruise at 4 min/k is now well uncomfortable, whereas it was about my anaerobic threshold speed at the end of August). Thats OK for the West Coast marathon – speed is the least necessary feature. How I go with endurance and strength is really the key. This weekend I went out with Ron to run the last 30k of the course. It was a brilliant day on a superb course, pure running for the soul. I was definitely weary at the end, but no injuries declared themselves and I felt like I had more to give come race day.
So, the plan: Run steady from the start. If others race off, let them go. If I have a good day, or they come asunder, I may catch them at the end. But I’m not torpedoing my race with sillyness at the starters gun.
Bring on the 26th, I’ve got a feeling it will be a delight.

One thought on “Westcoaster 2011 – Report on Plan B progress

  1. Great seeing you out on the course mate, gave me a great boost!

    Training is looking good mate, Im super impressed going to be a great day!


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