Running in the USA

before heading to the great white north of Canada, i met my bro Nick for a road trip around the california (and also small parts of Nevada and Arizona).  the wild wild west.

while writing this post i have cued up “born to run” by the Springsteen, as well as a few of my favourite california songs.

california is an A-mazing place.  it’s no wonder there are so many so many songs about it.  the physical beauty and changing scenery simply leaves you lost for words.  driving the pacific coast highway led to me uttering many a breathless, “phwoar, check that out”

during our three weeks there Nick and i were keen to experience some of the sights on foot.

first up on thanksgiving morning was a “turkey trot” in the nice californian town of santa barbara.  this was a 4 mile fun run.  i prob went out to first, and ended up in 12th in 23 mins, Nick came in a couple of minutes back, a good effort for a guy who’d ran a marathon the 5 days before.

heading away from the coast we went inland to the Yosemite National Park – with incredible granite cliffs, and vistas.  it was very cold there, but luckily they had not experienced as much snow as normal.  we ran the 4 mile trail (which is actually longer than 4 miles) that rises from the valley floor 4000 to Glacier Point.  the way up was hundreds of gruelling switchbacks, while the return was a blast.

i think photo’s will be worth more than a thousand words here:

we had planned to run the las vegas half, but an organisational stuff-up meant we didn’t get entered in time.  not to worry, this gave more time in our schedule for seeing the natural sights (although we did fit in two full on days of fear and loathing in las vegas).

our next epic run was in grand canyon national park.  we did 16km – 8 out along the rim trail, and then 8 return along the road.  unlike yosemite this run was pretty flat, but running in ankle deep powder snow, added a challenge factor.

the novelty factor of the snow really added a xmas morning buzz to the run, and gazing over at that massive whole was pretty inspiring as well.

so two all time runs, in two amazing places.

i’m not sure i’ve figured out how to embed the photos in the right places, but hopefully you get the drift.

merry xmas, and enjoy the nz summer



4 thoughts on “Running in the USA

  1. Wow those are some fantastic pics – such a different kind of trail and a different kind of Winter over there eh? I remember going to Yosemite as a kid and being awed with the magnitude and beauty of the environment there. I think it must have left a hunger in me for outdoor adventures in that kind of place. Thanks for the update, keep your tights on for that winter running!

  2. oh cool, i read his blog from a previous year when i was researching the race. glad i beat him! and kik armstrong must be lance’s ex-wife?

    you tackled the mt eden TT again? i’m sure that record is going to fall next time you give it a go!

  3. Forgot to mention those are some great pics!! Nothing like snow running. Or as they say, “there’s no running like snow running, like snow running, I snow…”

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