Tarawera Training (no pressure)

MMMmmm, around 5 weeks till Tarawera. There’s been some ante upping just to ease the pressure off the run.

Not being one to waste an opportunity to match personal ambition with community benefit, I’ve signed up with WWF to promote a campaign regarding renewable energy (increased WAF* is merely a side benefit). Sure my training is about 50% active commuting and the Tarawera passes geothermal landscapes epitomising such a commitment.

Rather more frightening is the slogan for the campaign – 100% Possible. Leaves me wondering what the completion rate is for first time 40y.o. men in a 100km off-road run whose total marathon events = 1

100% Possible? Maybe.

Still, I can think of the corollary: grand ambitions are prone to false starts and setbacks. It doesn’t mean its not possible, more like if it were that easy it wouldn’t need the vision.

So on the day I’m gonna be identified as the “100% Possible” WWF runner, branded, with some new Vibram Five Fingers to boot (yeah, that’s the second thing I’m running it in Five Fingers – thanks Barefoot Inc).

I guess like anyone attempting something like this for the first time, there’s a rollercoaster of confidence. Yes, no, maybe, yes, no, hell yes! Despite a blown Xmas training period I’m back on track, doing some good hill work, lots of time on feet, and lots of barefoot and VFF running.

Two things that boost confidence I’ve recently experienced, 1. 5hrs doesn’t seem like an overly long run, and 2. I did the Tongariro Northern Circuit (aka Alpine Mountain Marathon) in VFF on Sunday and felt great the next day. Ran to/from work after a day off and had one of the most comfortable and quick road runs in memory.

I know I’ve been running on received wisdom, not to overdo it, listen, but push, overextend, then rest (and repeat). Feels like I’ve been running on the edge of recovery. Its pretty fine balance when you are also trying to minimise time away from family (ie. short build-up and rapid training cycles).

So how’s everyone else feeling?

*Wife acceptance factor


One thought on “Tarawera Training (no pressure)

  1. Any excuse to wear those monkeyfeet eh Ron! Its almost a fetish. Although I agree that maximising the WAF is certainly a recommended strategy for any endurance endeavour. Myself – I’m waiting for this pesky knee to come right. The 15 minute run has been my friend, but I really need to hang out with his older brother. Shame that his cousin, the 5 hr offroad beast was the one who dealt me this woe. Still I remain positive that I shall be on the start line of both the Tarawera and the Hillary (warmup).

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