Where to from here?

A little update on my Tarawera training.

I had a good summer where I got in some long run/walks while holidaying with the whanau. My right knee would ache on occasion.

Then I did a 40k offroad run to Titirangi which was fun, except how I had to walk the last part because the right knee was now very sore.

That was four weeks ago. I saw the physio, cut back the training (in what was meant to be the biggest month of training). When I was able to get out for a 2hr flat run last weekend, things were looking up again.

This weekend I got in my last biggie. I thought it unwise to send my dicey knee into the breach with a Hillary Trail expedition; so instead ran around the cones and trails of Auckland City. Result: 4:30 run, 41k completed. Right knee was OK till the last hour where it got quite sharp and I was reduced to walking.

This leaves me in an odd position. I am feeling strong and fit – in better shape than last for Tarawera last year. However, this right knee (Iliotibial band friction syndrome with some other general nastiness) issue is a real threat to my even completing the race.

I think it will go one of two ways: 1 – I run well, the knee only aches and never progresses, I have the usual ups and downs of a 100k run and finish on or ahead of time. 2 – The knee goes bad on me and I am reduced to a walk, while the rest of me chomps at the bit to start running again.

So I have to think about my race strategy in light of this. What level of pain would make a dnf acceptable to me?

Meantime, I am going to try not to aggravate the knee before hand. That means no more long runs. OK, maybe one – the Coastal Challenge. Its a bit foolhardy I know. But its also me hedging my bets – I may not be able to complete the Tarawera but I feel I should give my body more than one chance to deliver a result on its current fitness. But that will be the last long run. After that, I will be all about short runs and just rely on my endurance reserve to get  me through the 100k.

Also; I have decided it is best to pack a headlamp in case I require a protracted walk out of the bush on March 17.


2 thoughts on “Where to from here?

  1. Two comments – First, I’m concerned about you referring to the Tarawera as a ‘race’, I’m viewing as a ‘life event’. Second, what is this ‘time’ you would ideally finish at or ahead of?

    That’s some nice grit you are displaying too – will keep that in mind when I want to stop and have a cry at the 80km mark…

  2. It is a race, and it can be a life event. If it were just a life event you could walk the whole thing… Time: I have some ideas, I like to have A, B, and C goals (D, E and F too, if necessary). I wont share them here – because that may then encourage me to overly focus on these abitrary standards to the detriment of me enjoying the race – the life event. See rule 8 of Ian Sharman’s 10 mistakes to avoid in a 100 miler. http://sharmanian.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/top-10-mistakes-to-avoid-in-100-mile.html
    I know my competitive drive can try to get the better of me, so will avoid fueling that potential head-mess.

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