MEC 10 Miler 2012 Report

The second Maungakiekie Endurance Club 10 Mile was recently held at the Nikau Cave Cafe in Waikaretu. It was a classic Autumn event – cool and still, with a heavy fog adding to the atmosphere. A hardy crew of runners and walkers had made the drive south.

Although not able to race due to a bit of calf trouble, I kept my mind happy by organizing timing on the day. Richard Drake (who first came up with the idea) had done a superb job of course marking.

The event is an out and back along Waikaretu Valley Road. The road follows the course of a small river with a few gentle hills, then after five km climbs steadily upward to the turn around. It has a rough seal, little traffic and plenty of great views making it ideal for this kind of event.

The merry eventers were set off just after 10 am. There were a mix of MEC regulars, some local Waikaretueans and one large extended family group. Along the beautiful course they were all pleasantly surprised with a family-organised drinks stop at 4km.

How could you refuse a drink from these guys?After the completion of the event, folks were able to enjoy to a hot shower and some good old homestyle cooking from the Nikau Cave Cafe.

So how did it go?

Well, in the 10k walk we had the speedy pair of Anne and Lucy Horne take off. They were first home in 1:34:43.The best rehab for an ACL repair for sure Bec Horne and Janie Rich upgraded their 10k walk to include some good running and finished strong in 1:22:41. Chris Horne did his own thing, coming home in 57:32 after walking an unknown distance. 

Jenny Hale, Natalie and Murray Stephenson walked as a team and were over the line in 1:48:48.

The 10k run served up some sweet surprises. Richard Drake, feeling a bit worse for wear changed from the imperial mile to the metric kilometer and ended up taking out his local event in 45 plus change. After staying with Richard, Trav Reynolds got a bit weary and found Chris Horne to be a perfect recovery buddy. Trav was a starter (and finisher!)  in last year’s edition as well.

He started up his running engines just in time, before was almost mown down at the finish. His 54:22 narrowly held out a fast finishing Stuart Hale who crossed the line in 54:23.

In the full distance, Myles Robinson and Todd Calkin traded places at the front on the way out, both reaching the halfway point in 36:50.

Myles was able to pull ahead on the descent following the turn and crossed in 1:11:14.

Ben Horne raced it well to work his way into second after a wicked-fast descent also. Todd was able to work back into second on the flatter sections and finished in 1:12:45, with Ben next in 1:14:42. 

The ‘local lads’ of Richard Lang and Andrew Woodward looked to be having a good old chat out on their run. THey ran the whole thing together and finished up in 1:18:05.

The Warkworth teachers track club – Vern Dempster and Ian McHale also ran together and  easily took out the Masters section with their time of 1:27:36.

It was a great day, with many smiles at the finish and a few requests for a rematch. Big thanks to the Woodwards and Rich and Nicola Drake for the support and organization at the venue. We will be back.


4 thoughts on “MEC 10 Miler 2012 Report

  1. Cool! I love all the photos especially too! Hope this is an annual event as I’d love to be there next time 🙂

  2. Chris-what were you thinking and doing ? Looking ahead to next year…..all I can say is ” Remember Karaka Bay last year ! I am going to whip you again, only this time on the land. Bring it on !
    Your loving and oh so much faster twin brother.
    PS Thanks Michael for your enthusiasm and organisation of such a cool family event. Well done.

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