The Good Times

So many pre-race comments (and I’m just as guilty as anyone) are about how our training has been shoddy, or how we have had an unfortunate injury or life-event that has prevented us from putting in the required work.

Well, I want to make mention of the fact that my training is going great.

I am getting 5-6 runs in per week, and hitting some of the highest regular mileage that I ever have. The 60-70k per week I am doing is no great sum for many athletes, but to me it represents the best I have strung together injury free. And, most importantly, I have maintained a great home life, a  successful job/career, and rewarding social life.

So, happy me. I’m  looking forward to my next race at Whitford. My times are coming down on some of my favourite training routes so that bodes well. To specifiy, I would say that my endurance and strength are both as good as they have been. My leg speed, although not as sharp as it was back in the triathlon days, is definitely sharpening up. I hope that by October it will be peaking, ready for a crack at few road race PBs.


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