Summer slacker

Managed a 12km run in Venice this morning. No easy feat, if you’re visited the place you’ll know why. Lack of roads and labyrinth of alleys makes it difficult to open it up pace-wise, or indeed navigate.

Of course the running plan never came close to reality once we got here. Actually started ok, did something like a 23km run a couple of days after arriving in Paris. But the main event of running the S. Gotthard Pass never eventuated due to timing difficulties. Did run a down and up vertical challenge from the top of the pass with about an 800m climb over 7km (and passed some roadie cyclists up the switchbacks).

Also managed a reasonable outing in the Appenines through a beautiful network of forest trails and villages. But for the most part the running has been in the 10km range 2-3 times per week (ie less than basic maintenance).

On the other hand I’ve managed to knock off some stunning sightseeing before the hoards hit the streets. So far have done: Paris, Lake Geneva, Gotthard Pass (sort off), Appenines, Rome, Ferrara, and Venice. Hope to tack on a quick outing in the Dolomites (and maybe Munich) to cap it off.

Am I ready for the next Xterra? No chance! I am rather acclimatised to running in +30deg sunshine and dehydrating with lots of beer though.


Ferrara run
dawn run, Venice

One thought on “Summer slacker

  1. Running on holiday is not easy eh bro. I remember coming back from my Europe trip and getting lapped at the Auckland XC champs. But what a holiday! Sounds like yours has been impressive for sure – have enjoyed you and Victoria’s travel blog. Lots of food and drink descriptions, I note. Talking my language.

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