Cornwall Parkrun #1

Five from team MEC made their way to the inaugural Parkrun at Cornwall Park on Saturday 28 July 2012. This is a great new event – a FREE WEEKLY 5k in our own park – every Saturday at 8am.

The course is all within the park, a few hills, lots of turns – so a good workout. This is a great event and well worth utilising in your training plans and supporting. I will be back.
MEC Results below (place/athlete/time/age graded score/yadayadayada):


1 Martin DE BOCK 17:36 SM30-34 74.15 % M 1 First Timer!

2 Mike HALE 17:53 SM30-34 72.69 % M 2 First Timer!

6 Ben HORNE 21:46 SM25-29 59.26 % M 6 Maungakiekie Endurance Club First Timer! 1

7 Richard DRAKE 22:08 SM25-29 58.36 % M 7 Maungakiekie Endurance Club First Timer! 

21 Stuart HALE 28:45 VM55-59 54.84 % M 20 First Timer! 1


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