Best Laid Plans

Shaping up to be a busy sunny season, at least according to my calendar. A nice mix of old and new and some frightening implications for training and sleep (unless I quit work, family, or my social calendar). Of course all of these are verbal entries at this stage…

Regardless, I’m going to finally have to work out how to divvy up cycling and running into a meaningful, enjoyable training ‘schedule’, ie. a haphazard collection of social outings, adventures, and solo events.

So chronologically ordered I’m up for:

  1. Hunua Xterra (2nd Sept)
  2. Abel Tasman Coastal Classic (22nd Sept – if that free ticket comes through)
  3. Whaka100 MTB – 100km fixed gear division (20th Oct)
  4. K2 Road- 200km fixed gear division (27th Oct)
  5. West Coaster Adventure Marathon (24th Nov)
  6. Taupo Half Ironman Ride/Run only (8th Dec)
  7. Summer Solstice All-road-trail Ride (21st Dec)
  8. Kaweka Mountain Marathon (2nd Feb)
  9. Tarawera Ultra 100km (16th Mar)

Was hoping to throw in the Huia69 mud assault (a variation of the Hillary Trail) and a self supported Round the Mountain (ie Ruapehu) run but things looking rather full already.

Now who’s going to keep me company here? I want names, I want proof of entry, I want fun times!


One thought on “Best Laid Plans

  1. A great looking line-up (the only thing missing is the Rotorua Half Ironman…)
    I aim to be lining up with you at Hunua, Westcoaster, Kaweka and Tarawera (100/60/team relay – who knows). I’m sort of keen for the Solstice ride if family and work are agreeable.

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