TUM 2014 – the MEC pacing award goes to ….

Certainly not me as I faded over the last section, in fact I seem to have been the worst in terms of pacing myself… (again?)

Mike could be a contender with some solid gains in placing on the last leg. But I reckon the award goes to Brent (the panel is open for discussion), who moved his way consistently up the placings over every leg past Tikitapu (Blue Lake). In fact neither Caleb nor Brent even dropped a placing after Tikitapu, superb pacing for their first ultra. And all MEC runners finished within an hour of each other – that is impressively consistent club if I do say so myself.

Leg Division Change


And if anyone needs more convincing – Brent ran the return Okataina leg faster (at least by a few seconds) than the outbound one. Also note the a nice linear decline in pace back to me at the bottom.

Okataina Return Ratio


3 thoughts on “TUM 2014 – the MEC pacing award goes to ….

  1. Great discussion. I’d have to say that the MEC crew as a whole paced really well and Caleb and Brent ran amazingly well paced races – especially being their first ultra!
    From my perspective it is interesting to see how we all gained significant placing on the Western Okataina outward leg. I think Ron and I ran well, but maybe this was helped by others struggling on this part of the course? The graphs reflect my own feeling that my worst section was the out-and-back at Okataina.
    It would be interesting to see the graphs repeated with pace/gradient on the y axis to see if that made any changes.
    Thanks for the data Ron!

    • The Okataina Return Ratio graph was the final Okataina – Okareka section. Doesn’t look like you actually dropped a position on the little 4km turnaround leg – the single blip in placing in that bit must have been me. I know that little turnaound section was the slowest pace of the day for both of us.

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