Onehunga Half Marathon 2014

Maungakiekie Endurance Club had a remarkable showing at this year’s Onehunga Half Marathon. It was grey, with a little rain and a big Nor-wester which made us work extra hard. Six PBs made for a very successful day. Bring on the Auckland Marathon and spring season!

Brief race report with 5k splits and finish time below:

19:26, 19:35, 19:48, 19:45 – 1:23:40

‘What’s funny is that after the first couple of km I was pacing solely on my heart rate/breathing. Great to be surrounded by MEC on the out and back format too.’ (Super consistent splits)!

19:40, 19:35, 19:55, 20:37  – 1:24:42
‘Starting pace was just as planned, and I wondered if it was too conservative, then from halfway realised that this was not the case. Struggled in the headwind, and last 6k were a bit slower as I ran out of push. No calf trouble though!’

20:30, 20:20, 19:55, 20:22 – 1:25:57.
‘I was running my 10k pace – planned to go faster than i thought i could and try maintain it.  Felt good the first half, struggled the last 3km in particular. 10k and half marathon PB’s  – very happy with pace.’

20:14, 20:52, 20:25, 20:47 – 1:28.55
‘Quicker than expected. Some highs and lows. Also battled to keep motivated with the headwind. Felt tough from 10k. I ran through 20k at 1:22:18, could have run the half in around 1:26:30, but finished race in 1:28:55.’

20.22, 20.28, 21.05, 22.04 – 1.29.53 finish

‘Race plan was a bit ambitious to run start to finish at 4min km but was worth a try, was happy I made it under 1.30’

22.16, 22:56, 22:40, 22:53- 1:36.45
‘Had a blow out in split recording but my aim was to maintain a 4:30min/km race and that I did (4.32 ?!) My aim was a 1:35 race so didn’t quite get there at estimated 1:36:45. Suspect a few extra meters in there and headwinds added to the effort. Overall a positive result, an epic crew with a 5 min improvement on Pb.’

22:09, 22:57, 23:47, 24:10 – 1:39.37 
‘Overall just super impressed with the crew, we were representing hard out there! I came into the race quite nervous, and at about 13 km I was in my dark place. Dropped off my 4.30 pace but overall happy that I kept under 5s and took 8 mins off my previous PB.’

22:06, 23:20, 24:31, 25:19 – 1:41:54
‘Started hot, in attempt to keep up with 4:30/km for the first 10 and see what I could do If I pushed myself. Turns out it was a tad ambitious and the stride length gradually shortened throughout the race. But even my last 5km was still faster than my last PB, so a good day!’


2 thoughts on “Onehunga Half Marathon 2014

  1. Wow great results guys! Super props to all the PB’s out there – especially Caleb setting 10k & halfie PBs! And Sean breaking 1:30 in his first halfie too! Super impressive :).

    As I said to Mike … we’re way past FOMO … it’s AMO (ACTUALLY missing out!).

    .. If we keep getting these great turnouts to race’s we’ll need to get some MEC running singlets/shirts :).

  2. Oh wow, great work club. So gutted I was out of town and missed the fun – I’ll be at AKL marathon, hope to see you there fellas.

    I like the club singlets idea 🙂

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