Onehunga Half Marathon 2015

Gonna try something a bit different here – a wiki-report. I have uploaded some pics and stats and now I invite you, the MEC team to give us your story in the comments section.

A perfect day. Still, sunny and cold. Ideal for racing on the fast, flat waterfront course of the Onehunga Half Marathon.

The MEC was well represented with a crew of eight runners (plus a few mates as well) taking part.

Sam Thom took first place in 1:19:29 with Caleb Pearson completing the MEC quinella in 1:19:51.


Personal Bests:

Sam Thom: 1:19:29

Caleb Pearson 1:19:51

Michael Hale 1:22:16

Brent Kelly 1:23:19

Evan Atkinson 1:38:44


5 thoughts on “Onehunga Half Marathon 2015

  1. A successful race. Aimed for 3:50 min/ks. Held this relatively well throughout, although had a notable slowdown in last 2ks, which meant I was caught with 1k to go : ( Really enjoyed running in the MEC quad-pack through to about 10-12k when some of us slowed, some stayed even and some just kept getting faster. A great day! 5k splits: 19:12, 19:14, 19:21, 19:43.

  2. An incredible run with everything coming together and then some. Was still buzzing 2 days after with the result. Aiming to crack 1:24 with my real goal wanting to go sub 1:23. Any thoughts of ‘running my own race’ were discarded within the first km as the opportunity to run up front with Brent, Mike and Sam were on offer. So changed my approach to ‘start strong & hang on’ – which I’m glad I did. Couldn’t have gone any better, including having Sam Thom as my pacer (unknown to him). Great day, great running with the MEC crew, great results across the board and catching up with all for Brunch after (thanks Mike & Heather!).

  3. Firstly a big thanks to Coach Mike for running fantastic workouts at MEC, certainly wouldn’t have got a PB without him!
    Coming into the race I knew I would feel great for the first 10km but may crash and burn during the second half of the run.

    I have been doing lots of 5km work and Parkruns etc but my only longer runs were at MEC so didn’t know how the body would feel.

    Was good to see the MEC crew setting the pace early in the race and was fun running as a pack.
    At the 10km point I felt surprisingly good so tried to keep pushing the pace.

    I knew Caleb was right behind me from 11km onwards.
    He was casting a long shadow with the sun behind us which I kept trying to make disappear. 🙂
    However I couldn’t shake him which was great as I wanted us to run together but also terrible as I knew it would make the last 5km very painful!

    It was a life goal to go sub 1:20 so very happy to be able to tick that box…I wouldn’t have got the time I did without Caleb pushing me around the course.

    Was very happy to average sub 3:40 for the last 5kms and keen to try and get another PB in 2016.
    However with his current training regime I think next time it will be Caleb getting line honours 🙂

    Well done to the MEC crew for all the PBs and thanks again to Mike and Heather for breakfast!

  4. Conditions were perfect to push for a PB. A cool, windless morning on a flat course – you can’t ask for more than that! My prep had been as strong as it’s ever been, approaching a year without injury & having recently set a strong (for me) 10km PB at 37:12, I was feeling pretty confident on a PB.

    I didn’t want to run conservative this year. My strategy was to start @ around 3:50’s & hold as long as possible – to at least give me the opportunity of a good time, or to crash & burn & at least learn I still had more work to do to be able to crack it. Anything under 1:24 would be awesome – with sub 1:23 being my stretch target.

    The run went well. It was awesome to run as a pack with the boys at the front & be able to stay strong well into the race with guys who in the past I have had to let disappear in the first couple of KM. At about 11km in Caleb & Sam broke away & I knew I didn’t have it in me to follow, so I changed aim to stick with Mike.

    A couple of km later however a nasty stitch kicked in & broke me a little – and Mike slowly disappeared off ahead. It was hard work trying to push the pace with stitch pain distrupting my stride & breathing. I’m not sure if the extra effort of trying to keep pace on during this, or just lack of sufficient conditioning at that pace, but when the stitch finally cleared a few KM later, it was hard work from there to the end to maintain below 4 min k’s.

    I kept at it, dropping a couple more places but holding around 3:55-4min most k’s. Crossing the bridge with less than a k to the finish, sub 1:23 was really on the cards. I knew if I could hold sub 4’s to the end I was there. I picked up pace a bit to ~3:40’s to try & ensure I didn’t get jibbed by a few seconds, but 200m later my race-finishing nemesis kicked in & I started wretching. 100m later I greeted Thom’s eager cheering with a good vomit, which proceed to harry me all the way in to the finish, crippling my pace. I could do nothing as my watch slipped over 1:23 & I dribbled across the finish in 1:23:12.

    It was disappointing to blow the finish by pushing the redline too hard (something I always have to balance), and to get hit with the stitch midway & fall off the pace. However overall I can’t complain. I kicked the arse out of my target 1:24 time, and trimmed nearly 3 minutes off my previous 1:26:03 PB – finishing 6th overall.

    Key learning’s: Keeping injury free over longer periods can pay big dividends. However my conditioning is still not quite there for that pace. I need to continue remaining injury free, and keep up the interval training, but also regularly pushing out the distance to I can get the endurance at pace. Learning #2 … manage the redline at the end better or risk blowing up & spewing on Thom ;).

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