Xterra Trail Nationals, Waihi 2015 – RevRunReport

Last year:

Arrived 15 mins before race start.

This year:

Arrived with 40 minutes, time to get organised, warm-up, find mates.

Last year:

Set off like a stung rabbit, hit first bridge in 5th.

This year:

Went quick from the gun, but noticed a lot more top-end competition. Hit first bridge in approx 25th.

Last year:

The cave freaked me out.

This year:

I had a lamp, and was ready. The caves (2 this time) were sweet, like enforced rests really.

Both years: Hit the long climb and got into the rhythm, catching a couple of dudes.

Both years: Bombed the meaty descent, catching a couple more.

Last year:

Ran the Number 7 level track, version 2 at the same speed as the first pass (9:11 after 9:10)

This year:

Felt great and ran the Number 7 level track, version 2  my fastest yet (8:48 after 9:13 first time)

Last year:

Was a bit spent on the way down to the river (and especially up out again),

This year:

Was feeling pretty good and kept catching people, both on the trip down to the river and also by efficiently climbing back up the grunty punch with minimal hiking.

Last year:

Chased down 1 guy in the finishing straight. Came 15th with 1:44:55.

This year:

Got one guy before the bridge and had a ripping sprint to catch two more in the last 50 metres. Finished in 1:42:51, for 12th place.



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