Maunga Man 2016

When: 0815, Saturday July 9 2016

Where: Mangere Domain

What: Mountain run, no flat stuff, just hill climbs and hill bombs.

Format: Run/walk/grovel around the 4 mountain loops for 60 minutes. The goal is to complete as many laps as possible within the time limit. Whatever loop you are on when the horn goes at 60 minutes is your last one. The winner is the person who completes the most loops. If more than one person completes the highest number of loops, the winner is the person who gets back to the start the soonest.

Each loop you return to the event base beside Domain Road. This is the start finish area and spectator viewing spot. From this position, spectators can view about 50% of the course. You can leave any gear or nutrition you want to access here.

Course (see maps and links below):

Loop 1 – ‘Vehicle Track Climb’ 1.15km, 61m vertical climb
Loop 2 – ‘South Ridge Run’ 1.40km, 90m vertical climb
Loop 3 – ‘Crater Climb’ 1.05km, 81m vertical climb
Loop 4 – “North Ridge Run’ 1.40km, 90m vertical climb


(Repeat for 60 minutes)
Register / course open 0730
Briefing 0810
Start time 0815
Should be done and dusted and ready for brunch at 0930
This year it’s ‘challenge a mate’ time. Choose a friend of similar fitness and challenge them to this FREE run. Train yourself then see who endures on the day. Its way more fun having someone to battle with!
Any Qs – get in touch. Let me know if you’re coming so we can look out for you.
All welcome – if anyone else is keen, bring em along!
Note: The domain is fully open to all other users, please be considerate on the trails. Be aware that trail marking will be minimal (a few cones only), so make sure you are familiar with the course beforehand or follow someone else who is!


Loop1 MM

Loop 2 MMloop 3 MMLoop 4 MM


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