MEC Hill Climb

This course was developed for a September 2011 fundraiser to be a hard offroad time trial hill climb in central Auckland. MECers can give the course a run and then record their times by commenting on this page. The course is shown in the figure beneath, but a first timer should get someone to take them through the course first to get the subtle features right.

MEC Hill Climb Roll of Honour as at August 2016

Ron King 5:06

Michael Hale 5:07

Mike Lichtwark 5:08

Caleb Pearson 5:10

Brent Kelly 5:12

Sean Falconer 5:18

Will Thomson 5:23

Sven Pedersen 5:24

Charles Belcher 5:36

Dave Robertson 5:42

Dave Patience 5:43

Richard Drake 5:47

Ari Peach 5:49

Connor Aldridge 5:54

Mathew Raffills 6:00

Travers Reynolds 6:01

Bryce Robinson 6:08

Myles Robinson 6:20

Thom Shanks 6:27

Jake Parsons 6:28

Dave Atkinson 6:41

Evan Atkinson 6:44

Sam Parks 6:46

Ryan Graham 6:46

Paul Coleman 7:07

Laura Burgoyne 7:36

Briar Hale 8:22


6 thoughts on “MEC Hill Climb

  1. Easter 2014 run up the TT course. Myles set new PB of 6:20 and I took a whole second off mine, getting 5:07. Feels like there is room to shave a few seconds, but sub-5 would be very stout.

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